Bürger/Berger Family Tree

Johannes   Mathias   Franciska   Nicodemus   Raphael   Kasimir   Magdalena   Jacob

      b 1862     1869-1950 1873-1920    1876-1933  1878-1946 1880-1932 1883-1949  1885-1972

Clarence       Magdalena       Francis       Anton       George       Ralph       Peter       Joseph       Eva Maria       Catharina       Adolphe    

1904-1981       1905-1976       1907-1910  1908-1989 1909-1918 1910-1984 1912-2003 1914-1997  1915-1998      1917-1995      1919-1985



  There were two Berger families that lived in the Beresan District. Both had arrived there in 1809 and originated from Alsace. The "Gœrsdorf Berger's" settled in the village of Speier and the "Climbach Berger's" settled in the village of Landau.

Although Gœrsdorf and Climbach are village communities close to one another in Alsace, we have so far never been able to link the two families. There have however been marriages between the two families since 1809.

This site is primarily for people researching the Berger family from Speier who originated from Gœrsdorf in Alsace Lorraine.



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Within the site you will find a record of the travels of the Bürger/Berger family. Our journey starts in Bobenthal, Südwest Pfalz and then in 1736 to Gœrsdorf in Alsace Lorraine. During the Napoleanic Wars the family were forced off their land and had to leave the vineyards and home there and escape to Minfeld and then Freckenfeld where they lived for nine years before moving on to Jockgrim in the Rhineland-Palatinate in 1789.


Following a lot of unrest in the area due to frequent attacks by French troops and the confiscation of their property, the family decided in 1809 to take up an offer made by Catherine the Great and make the long migration to the Beresan Valley north of Odessa on the Russian Steppes. Here they were offered freedom of Religion, exemption from military service, interest free loans and freedom from land taxes.


A century later, following a lot of bad crop years and unrest in the towns and villages of the colonists, many sought a new life in America. In 1903, my Great Grandparents, George and Elizabeth Berger and their family all emigrated from the port of Hamburg and arrived in America through Ellis Island. Here they caught a train to Richardton, North Dakota. They then made their various homestead claims where they farmed and raised cattle on the open prairies.

My Grandfather, Kasimir sold his Homestead by auction in 1912 and emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada. The rest of the family stayed in America. My father was born in Canada and came to England during WWII with the South Saskatchewan Regiment and never returned.

Peter Bürger


Magdalena Gahla

Jacob Bürger 1716-1765


Maria Magdalena Biesser d 1754

When Maria Magdalena died

Jacob married Anna Maria

in September 1754.

Jacob  Bürger 1716-1765


Anna Maria Hüttler 1709-1789

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Eva Dorothea   Maria Anna   Nicolaus   Catharina Magdalena   George Jacob Bürger

              b 1744               b 1746            1748-1769      b 1750                                1753-1754      

Maria Barbara   Mathias Bürger

        1755-1766        1764- after 1840

Catharina Bürger   Johann Georg Bürger   Georg Adam Berger*   Johannes Dionys   Franz   Barbara   Peter   Margaretha   Mathias

    1787- after 1858             1788-1790                        1790-1791              1791- after 1858    b 1792  1794-1801 b 1797     b 1798      1800-1852

Johann   Margaretha   Maria Eva   Martin   Katharina   Elisabeth   Franz   Theresia   Magdalena   Franziska   Anna Maria   George   Maria Eva

b 1816     b 1816           b 1817          b 1822     b 1826          b 1828    1828-1896  b 1831       b 1832       1835-1930        b 1837      1840-1920  1843-1843

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Bürger/Berger Family Tree

Mathias married

Maria Catharina Hüener

October 10, 1786.

Johannes Dionys married

Catharina Senn

May 23, 1815.

George married

Elizabeth Wetzstein

February 24, 1860

Kasimir married

Julianna Baron


* This is when the name changed in 1790.